Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 27: The Nothing Special Show

Anime Afterlife Podcast hosts, DavetheZombie, Vensito, King of Hearts, and Gabe, along with blog writer, Lerxst, and guests, Michael, and Aeroblip, discuss what they’ve been watching for the past week. The show includes, Michael’s review of Honey and Clover, Aero’s review of Kanon(2006), Lerxst’s review of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Gabe’s review of Maria Holic Alice, King’s review of Clannad, Ven’s review of Gintama: A New Retelling Benizakura Arc, and Dave’s review of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

Download here: Anime Afterlife Podcast Episode 27: The Nothing Special Show

Listen here:

Music Video Monday #27: Magical Girl Edition

So, it’s not exactly an official music video, but instead I have the next best thing, ‘Magia” as performed on a live concert, by band, ‘Kalafina’, or better known as the ED to Madoka Magica. I’m not too fond of the song, nor the series itself, but Gabe is! So I’m posting this song, as one of his favorite Shaft songs, in spite of his birthday today!