12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 3

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Afterlife After Hours Episode 3: The Comedic Show

In this Afterlife After Hours episode, I am joined with guests and co-host, Gabe, along with blog writer, Richard, to talk about comedy in anime. This podcast episode sure if FAWNY! Ok not really. But listen to it anyway!

Download here: Afterlilfe After Hours Episode 3: The Comedic Show

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I came.

I just heard earlier today that Shakugan no Shana Season 3 is officially due this fall! I’m very excited for the season for many reasons. The second season left off at a big cliffhanger, and I’m well eager to see what will happen next. I’m always glad to see Rie Kugumiya in one of her better roles, rather than say… some of the ones (Gintama aside), that she’s done recently. I’m not the biggest fan of Shana, but I do find it to be a pretty entertaining and well done series. I’d probably put it on the same plateau as the first season of Index. Anyhow, I’m glad a lot of great shows are debuting this fall. Persona 4 anime, Mirai Nikki anime, and Shana as well. Just maybe the fall season will outdo the spring. We shall wait and see.


Oh yeah, the new layout. I assume Gabe’s the one fucking with the setttings. Not sure how I feel about it myself though.

Anime Movie Friday #3: Grave of the Fireflies

This week, Anime Movie Friday hosts, Lerxst, Gabe, Vensito, and DavetheZombie, discuss their thoughts and impressions on the movie, Grave of the Fireflies. This show contains heavy spoilers to the movie, so be forewarned when you are listening to it.

Download here: Anime Movie Friday: Grave of the Fireflies

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