Anime Movie Friday #11: Aachi wa Ssipak

Anime Movie Friday hosts, Lerxst, DavetheZombie and Vensito, talk about their thoughts on the anime movie, Aachi wa Ssipak. Why only three people on this show this time? Well, no one really besides those three wanted to watch it. I don’t blame those who didn’t show up. The concept for this movie was really, really, shitty.

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Anime Movie Friday #11: The Poop and popsicles Edition

Boy do we have a great upcoming Anime Movie Friday for you this Friday. Probably the best movie we have decided to do to date. All of you are going to love this. The next movie for Anime Movie Friday will be

AAchi wa Ssipak

I, in all honestly, am really looking forward to watching this movie. It looks to be one of the dumbest anime films I’ve ever seen. And the plot to this movie has to be one of the most bizarre plots of any movie I’ve ever read. And you know that we here at Anime Afterlife Podcast are going to bash this movie so much, its going to make for one damn good podcast. So if you are at all interested in watching this ridiculous movie and joining us for episode 11 of AMF, be sure to either comment here or contact one of us on Skype letting us know.