Anime OST: Clannad

Clannad Original Soundtrack Cover

Title: CLANNAD Original Soundtrack
Composer: Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, and Magome Togoshi.
Distributor: Key Sound Label
Release Date: August 13, 2004

The soundtrack of Clannad is one that faintly rings in our ears while we watch the characters in front of us grow and develop beyond belief and supports the characters and scenarios to the best of their potential. The songs of Clannad carry large significance, and with it act as reminders to the listener for past events and characters in the show. All the bases are covered with this soundtrack, from calm intermission, comedic to silly scenes, sustained suspense and action, and above all the dramatic and heartbreaking music.

Warning: Spoilers in track comments.
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A justification to Clannad and After Story’s structure and ending

Warning: This post contains explicit spoilers to Clannad and Clannad After Story.

Clannad After Story is a widely critiqued and acclaimed show. I like to read other people’s thoughts and opinions on the matter. Most of the responses people have are positive; not so much as mine, but positive nonetheless. However, many times do I see people disliking Clannad, perhaps because they just didn’t like it, or thought it wasn’t as good as this or that show, which is just fine (while personally I think thats foolish). But when their reasons fall upon the series’ progression up to, and including, the ending, I can’t help but try to defend and justify the significance of Ishihara’s decisions. This will also serve as an explanation to an ending that confuses most of the people who watch it.

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