Anime Movie Friday #14: Akira

Hey it’s back! After half a year hiatus, Anime Movie Fridays are finally back and kicking. This week, AMF hosts Lerxst, DavetheZombie, Vensito, and blog writers, Richard and Zekana, give their thoughts on the anime movie, Akira.

Download here: Anime Movie Friday #14: Akira

Listen here:

Anime Movie Friday #14: The Red Motorcycle Edition

UPDATE: Semester is over. My winter break is underway. That means I’m going to be bringing this shit back full force. Starting next Friday 12/16, we are going to record AMF # 14 and hopefully bring back AMF permanently after this long ass hiatus. So if you didn’t see already, this is what we will be watching:


I have heard mixed feelings about this movie. Some say its a classic that everyone should watch and others say that the plot is mediocre and that it doesn’t really age well. I guess us here at AAP will just have to watch (or re-watch) this movie to find out how we feel. So if you are interested in watching Akira and being on episode #14 of Anime Movie Friday, either leave a comment here or get in touch with either Dave or myself.