Growing Up with Anime

The more I watch anime, the more I change as a person. The older I get, the more ways I view different aspects in anime. Certain themes and subjects have grown weary and tiresome nowadays as they all seem to blend together into the gray area of love and friendship. High school romances and dramas have long been an exhausted trend. The more they pop up, the less meaning each one holds after the one before. Nowadays I look forward to the themes and characters that I can relate to. The themes and ideals that apply to me as a person.

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A new Evangelion 3.0 trailer for you!

A new trailer for Evangelion 3.0 was released in Japan a few days again, and marking a release date as well. The movie is due to be released on November 17th 2012 in Japan, which likely means somewhere mid-2013 for us Americans for blu-ray releases. With Asuka now being a pirate, and Nerv decimated, it’s curious to see what will happen next in the new installment in the Rebuild series. Good lord, the wait is torture.

Afterlife After Hours Episode 7: The Romance Show

This week I am joined with co-host, Lerxst, to talk about romance animes and and all that other luvy duvy stuff.

Download here: Afterlife After Hours Episode 7: The Romance Show

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The American Sailor Moon that never aired (for a good reason too)

Ah yes, Sailor Moon. One of the greatest mahou shoujos in anime. For some reason, the execs at Toon Makers thought it would be a good idea to produce an Americanized Sailor Moon. Thankfully, it never really got off the ground. However, this 2 minute promo was made to show what it would’ve been life. As you could probably tell, it would’ve been an instant disaster. According to Comics Alliance “The idea behind the show seems to be that Serena and her Burger King Kids Club-Approved gang of school-chums would be filmed in live action as they got up to highly coordinated line-dances and Mayim Bialik cosplay, but when they actually transformed into their super-heroic alter-egos, the show would switch it up into animated action. As much as that sort of defeats the purpose of doing a live-action show, it is a pretty interesting take on things — especially considering what the plan was for the action.”

See, this is why westernizing anime doesn’t work. Isn’t that right, EVOLUTION?!



Anime Afterlife Podcast: Best Girl Special

Lerxst, Gabe, and Zach get together to discuss a list of 32 shows, and their best female characters. Listen for the lols and leave a comment when you want to disagree with them.

Download: AAP: The Best Girl


Anime Movie Friday #15: Ghost in the Shell

Anime Movie Friday hosts, Lerxst, Dave, Ven, along with blog writer, Zekana, talk about their thoughts on the anime movie, Ghost in the Shell.

Download here: Anime Movie Friday #15: Ghost in the Shell

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Anime Afterlife Podcast Spring 2012 Impressions Show


This week we are joined with guest, Marth, discuss our impressions on the spring 2012 anime shows of the year. Check out Marth’s blog in our blogroll in the right sidebar!

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