Happy Birthday to that Ven kid


Happy Birthday to Ven who celebrates his 21st birthday today! I scrolled through like 15 pages of the weirdest shit on gelbooru to find this picture of Naoto. So yeah. YOU’RE WELCOME. Oh yeah, have a good one.


Happy Birthday to Lerxst!

Happy SUNRISE (<= Gabe edited in this part because he’s a little cockmonkey) Birthday to our co-host, Lerxst, who turns 22 today! Why, even his waifu, Kotomi Ichinose, has come out to give him a present and wish him a happy birthday! CODE GEASSWe hope you have a great one! Now let us drink! Kanpai!

It’s the King’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our co-host, King of Hearts, who turns 22 today! We hope you have a bear-y good bear-day! Oh ho ho. I’m just full of it today. I know King likes this bowl-headed girl in the P4 game, when clearly the best midget is Nanako. But whatever… go eat cake, son.

It’s That Time of the Year Again

It’s a day of celebration! Today our very own DaveTheZombie has turned 19!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!! Feel any different? Any closer to me now that we’re almost the same age ;3? Well anyway, here’s hoping you have a fun rest of the year and I’ll see you in bed tonight ;o.

Congradulations Dave! *clap*clap*clap*

Happy Birthday Tatsuya Ishihara!

Today, July 31st, is the celebration of the birth of the man, known best in the anime industry for his animation direction in Kyoto Animation in works including Clannad (and After Story), Kanon, Air, the Suzumiya Haruhi franchise, and more, Tatsuya Ishihara. Today, Ishihara turns 45. His skill in anime directing has allowed the audience of its source material to grow, which has touched the hearts of thousands, made them laugh and cry, and had them on the edge of their seat. So here’s to you, Ishihara. Stay well and healthy, and continue doing a great job.

Happy Birthday to Gabe!

It is May 16th. Which means, today is the day, our host and writer, Gabe was released into the outside world, as he was pushed out from a sticky, sticky, womb. When he was pushed out, the doctors found that he had a volume of Negima in one hand, and a picture of Akiyuki Shinbo in the other. From that day when he was exposed to anime and manga, the rest became history… Now our little boy has aged 16 today, still watching anime to this very day.

So now here’s images of some of your favorite stuff compiled into one post!

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