Anime OST: Clannad

Clannad Original Soundtrack Cover

Title: CLANNAD Original Soundtrack
Composer: Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, and Magome Togoshi.
Distributor: Key Sound Label
Release Date: August 13, 2004

The soundtrack of Clannad is one that faintly rings in our ears while we watch the characters in front of us grow and develop beyond belief and supports the characters and scenarios to the best of their potential. The songs of Clannad carry large significance, and with it act as reminders to the listener for past events and characters in the show. All the bases are covered with this soundtrack, from calm intermission, comedic to silly scenes, sustained suspense and action, and above all the dramatic and heartbreaking music.

Warning: Spoilers in track comments.
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Anime Movie Friday #5: The Clannad Movie

Warning: The show contains heavy spoilers to the movie and main series.

Anime Movie Friday hosts, Lerxst, Gabe, Vensito, and DavetheZombie, along with guest, Zekana, talk about their impressions on the Clannad movie.

Download the show here: Anime Movie Friday #5: The Clannad Show

Listen here:

Anime Movie Friday #5: The “Gabe Does Not Approve” Edition

So its that time again where you pop some popcorn, grab a soda and sit down and watch a movie for ANIME MOVIE FRIDAY!!!!! So this coming week we will be watching, as much as Gabe hates it, this movie:

The Clannad Movie

So Dave really wanted to watch the Clannad movie even though Gabe highly disapproves. But I guess its better to get it over with soon than to do it later on down the road. So if you are interested in being on the show and discussing the Clannad Movie with Dave, Vensito, Gabe and myself, leave a comment  letting us know.

What influences how you rate anime?

When it comes to us avid anime watchers/manga readers, most, if not all of us, are part of some sort of anime/manga community such as MyAnimeList, ANN, AniDB and so on. And each of these anime communities have top anime lists that are compiled by the people of each community. But what causes the people of each community to give a certain rating to each anime they watch? Is it personal preferences? Is it story? Is it the characters? Or is it something outside all of this? Well, lets get balls deep into this and see what really goes into ratings and rankings of the anime and manga we enjoy (or despise) everyday.

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The Art of Losing

Picture this scenario. A buffed up male character with scratches all over his body, slits of blood leaking out from his stomach and across his face. He’s seemingly unconscious until a voice rings in his mind. It softly tells him to get back up on his own two feet. A villain stands over his body, grinning menacingly, perhaps holding his hands at his waist, and then let’s out a bellowing evil laugh. Suddenly, the brutally beaten up character gets up slowly, the villain stops laughing and says in shock, “I- Impossible!”.  And so the main male character pulls out some hidden move that obliterates said villain, before finally collapsing. This is not the art of losing. This is the art of winning. And winning. And winning.

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Clannad After Story Blu-Ray and American DVD Released!

My reaction when I remembered the Blu-rays were released

On April 19th, 2011, the Blu-Ray box set of Clannad’s sequel Clannad After Story was released in Japan.

Alongside the Blu-Ray release in Japan, Sentai Filmworks‘ English dub of Clannad After Story on DVD  had been localized and distributed in America by Section23 Films.

The box set is set at a whopping $700, and the American DVD release is $42.

After Story Japanese Blu-Ray Box Set on CDJapan

After Story English DVD Collection on Sentai Filmworks’ Homepage

A completely relevant post

As you all know, Clannad is the best anime ever. Unfortunately, its source material is only available on Japanese locale technology. But recent events have brought my eyes to the silver lining. The Clannad visual novel is being ported to the Playstation Network Store for digital download.

Whether or not this will be only available in Japan is still unknown.  I’m desperate for this game to be released in the US, fully translated. America needs this. It needs it. Badly. American television, movies, and video games are so insipid, and this can change it all.

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