Music Video Monday #47: Chasing Light Edition

This week I chose ‘Chase the Light’ by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or better known as the OP to Kaiji Season 2. I’m not the biggest fan of screaming music… or autotuning, but this isn’t too bad. I’ve gotten used to it while watching Kaiji’s second season (which by the way is a must watch for the year). I still find myself enjoying Kaiji’s 1st OP way more, but it’s nice to have a chance in pace in music. Fear and Loathing has also produced the new Hunter x Hunter ED, another show of the season I’ve yet to catch up on.

Music Video Monday #46: Survival Game Edition

This week I chose ‘Kuusou Mesorogiwi’ by Yousei Teikoku, or better known as the 1st OP to Mirai Nikki. Without a doubt, this song makes my favorite opening of the season. Yes, if you’ve read the manga, then you’ve noticed there’s spoilers up the ass in the opening. But for those who haven’t read it, well then you’re in for quite the treat. I absolutely love Mirai Nikki and this song quite accurately describes the feeling and atmosphere of Mirai Nikki. I swear, I listen to this opening three or four times a day.

Music Video Monday #45: Papepipupo Edition

So I know Halloween is almost over, but I’ll post a music video anyway that’s in no way related to Halloween. Here’s ‘Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪’ by Sasaki Nozomi, or better known as the 4th ed to Beelzebub. Why on Halloween? Why the fuck not. Because it’s too damn catchy. That’s why. Because that’s how we do things here at AAP. Damn straight. For real. Motherfucka’.

Music Video Monday #44: Holy Grail Edition

Hi, I haven’t been neglecting this site! Not at all! Anyhow, here’s this week’s music video, Oath Sing, by LiSA, or better known as the opening to this season’s show, Fate/Zero. The real music video starts around 40 seconds in, and as for the opening for Fate/Zero, no idea why its a double clip but its the closest I could find for the opening. Oh well, it will do. Fate/Zero’s got excellent production value, and ufotable certainly knows what they’re doing with the material. There’s actually quite a lot of other music videos I’d like to post, granted they even have PVs in the first place, but gosh darn it are they hard to come by.

Music Video Monday #43: Zero Gravity Edition

This week I chose ‘Gravity 0’ by Aqua Timez, or better known as Star Driver’s first op. So Star Driver is one of those shows where I think the opening’s absolutely great, but I still dislike the show itself. The music in SD is pretty damn awesome, but goddamn, nothing makes shit for sense in that show. Still, it had very nice action sequences for mecha against mecha fights, I suppose.

Music Video Monday #42: Silky Edition

It’s been pretty hectic these past few weeks, as I’m readjusting myself to the college schedule, but I’m still hanging on to doing these posts as much as I can. For this week I chose ‘Silky Heart’ by Yui Horie, or better known as the 2nd OP to Toradora! What I like the 2nd opening and the song, is that it accurately represents the change of mood in the 2nd half of Toradora. The series takes a much more serious pace past the 12 episodes of slice of life, and leads into much more deeper tone of drama, a whole wave of emotions swaying around. Also a little update on the shows: We just recorded one a couple nights ago, so look forward to seeing more shows weekly!

Music Video Monday #41: Ghost Edition

This week I chose ‘Grow up’ by Hysteric Blue, or better known as the OP to Ghost Stories. For anyhow who doesn’t know, Ghost stories has one of the finest english dubs ever to grace anime. Seriously. Check it out while you can. In the meantime, here’s the catchy opening accompany the series.

Music Video Monday #40: Princess Jellyfish Edition

This week we have ‘Koro Dake no Hanashi’ by popular band, Chatmonchy, or better known as the OP to Kuragehime. Kuragehime was certainly a surprisingly interesting show of last fall, coming along with music from Chatmonchy and Sambomaster. It was a nice combination of comedy and drama, pressed into a short one core show. A bit of a shame that it’s rarely talked about nowadays, but nevertheless positively praised as one of the best comedies of last year. Brains Base, don’t stop bein’ awesome.

Music Video Monday #37: Circus Edition

This week I chose ‘Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou’ by none other than Hyadain themselves, or better know as the 2nd OP to Nichijou. I’ve noticed I have a general dislike for second openings of shows, however, this is an exception. Perhaps I like it even more? Anyhow, I really love the excitement and just how catchy this song is.

Music Video Monday #36: Super Shooter Edition

So this is as close as I can get to finding a music video for ‘Super Shooter’ by RIP Slyme, or better known as the OP to Gantz. I’ve heard many negative comments on the gantz anime, especially in comparison to the manga, but I have to admit, this opening song is pretty catchy. It’s not everyday you get a jrap song in an anime opening, not to mention something I really enjoy listening to. And… I still don’t think Gonzo is that bad of a studio.