Steins;Gate english trailer

the cast so far (atleast what i can find from wikipedia):

Rintarō Okabe – J. Michael Tatum  Isaac Dian from Baccano! and Scar from Botherhood
Trina Nishimura – Kurisu Makise  Lan Fan from brotherhood
Mayuri Shiina – Jackie Ross
Itaru “HAKER” Hashida – Tyson Rinehart
Moeka Kiryū – Jessica Cavanaugh
Ruka Urushibara – Lindsey Seidel
Suzuha Amane – Cherami Leigh  
Yūgo Tennōji – Christopher Sabat …Alex Louis Armstrong
Nae Tennōji – Brina Palencia  ennis from baccano



so, thoughts on the cast so far?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Official English Dub Trailer

The English dub of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, licensed and performed, by Aniplex of America is coming to a close. This trailer was released on December 16, and the official DVD/BD releases will be on shelves from February 16, and finish the set on June 12, 2012.

Thoughts? Good or bad?


Anime Afterlife Podcast: Top 5 English Dubs

Anime Afterlife Podcast hosts, DavetheZombie, Vensito, King of Hearts, Gabe, and Lerxst, along with guest, Aeroblip, discuss their top 5 english dubs.

Download here: Anime Afterlife Podcast: Top 5 English Dubs

Listen here:

Dis Be Random Shit

Warning, langauge and repeating

Made by youtube user SOstemofaDA

Madoka Magica’s getting a dub

What, really? Yup, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is getting a dub conducted by Aniplex USA. Given that they’ve dubbed Durarara, which turned out to be pretty damn good, I can see this dub working, given they have the right voice actresses. Maybe Michell Ruff? Or Kari Wahlgren? Who knows who they will choose? I’m mainly concerned about who will voice QB. Certainly not a deep male voice as that would sound insanely awkward. I’m also concerned how well it would do in the Western States. The last couple of mahou shoujo shows I can recall doing so well last time it aired in the West were…. CardCaptors Sakura and Sailor Moon and they were well over ten years ago. As for Madoka, it seems very uncertain. Maybe the take of a new direction on the Mahou Shoujo genre will do better with the western audiences than expected, maybe not.

Clannad After Story Blu-Ray and American DVD Released!

My reaction when I remembered the Blu-rays were released

On April 19th, 2011, the Blu-Ray box set of Clannad’s sequel Clannad After Story was released in Japan.

Alongside the Blu-Ray release in Japan, Sentai Filmworks‘ English dub of Clannad After Story on DVD  had been localized and distributed in America by Section23 Films.

The box set is set at a whopping $700, and the American DVD release is $42.

After Story Japanese Blu-Ray Box Set on CDJapan

After Story English DVD Collection on Sentai Filmworks’ Homepage