Pink Evangelions GALORE!

Eva 3.0 (Quickening) comes out in Japan on November 17. We won’t see it subbed for months, but in the meantime, here’s a new trailer to cream your pants over.


A new Evangelion 3.0 trailer for you!

A new trailer for Evangelion 3.0 was released in Japan a few days again, and marking a release date as well. The movie is due to be released on November 17th 2012 in Japan, which likely means somewhere mid-2013 for us Americans for blu-ray releases. With Asuka now being a pirate, and Nerv decimated, it’s curious to see what will happen next in the new installment in the Rebuild series. Good lord, the wait is torture.

Evangelion and the Chips off the Old Block

Warning: This post contains severe spoilers to the Evangelion franchise.
No, this is not an analytical post as to why the Rebuilds are a sequel to Evangelion.

Evangelion was and is important. Yes, because it’s a big contribution to the industry. Yes, because it’s a precedent in the mecha genre, and for anime in general in numerous ways. Yes, because it’s cool, and full of religion and mystery, and for its psychological structure. What else makes it important, and where do the Rebuilds of Evangelion stand?
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That is correct ladies and non-ladies,  ANN has just reported that Evangelion 3.0 will be slated for the Fall 0f 2012. I think I speak for many of us here at AAP, especially Vensito and myself, that we have been waiting to hear any news on this. And we finally have a time frame for Evangelion 3.0. Granted, we will not be getting any sort of release from any sub group or retail release for 3.0 in the Fall of 2012, but it is exciting news to hear that it is going to be screened late next year.


Here’s a very short trailer to keep you other Eva fanboys occupied for the time being

Dis Be Random Shit

Warning, langauge and repeating

Made by youtube user SOstemofaDA

The Art of Losing

Picture this scenario. A buffed up male character with scratches all over his body, slits of blood leaking out from his stomach and across his face. He’s seemingly unconscious until a voice rings in his mind. It softly tells him to get back up on his own two feet. A villain stands over his body, grinning menacingly, perhaps holding his hands at his waist, and then let’s out a bellowing evil laugh. Suddenly, the brutally beaten up character gets up slowly, the villain stops laughing and says in shock, “I- Impossible!”.  And so the main male character pulls out some hidden move that obliterates said villain, before finally collapsing. This is not the art of losing. This is the art of winning. And winning. And winning.

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Some Swag From Sakura-con

So another year of Sakuracon has ended, and this time I actually got my lazy butt out of my house long enough to attend it!……For one day……But that’s still great! I decided to attend on the last day since I thought there would be better deals and other really good excuses for me to pass on the first 2 days. But I deeply regret not being able to spend the previous 2 days at the wonderful WSCC as well. Sure I spent most of my time today waltzing around because I blew all my money on the FLCL bluray and Evangelion Manga among various other things, but I rather enjoyed walking around waiting for the next event to take place in the big Bandai Entertainment section of the exhibition hall.

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Anime Movie Friday #1: Evangelion 2.0

Hey, it’s the first Anime Movie Friday show! AMF’s host, Lerxst, and co-hosts Vensito and myself, DavetheZombie, along with guest, Richard, discuss our thoughts and impressions on Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) advance, this week.

Download the show here: Anime Movie Friday #1: Evangelion 2.0

Anime Movie Friday #1: The Cute Girl and Giant Mech Edition

So now that I am back it is time to start up Anime Movie Friday!!!! So starting this Friday we will kick off Anime Movie Friday strong with this:

Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

So if things haven’t changed since I was last online, Dave and I decided to do a podcast after each movie with everyone who watched the movie on AMF to give their impressions of the movie and such. So if anyone is interested in watching Evangelion 2.0 on Friday, comment here letting me know. We may even try to set up a Skype call and have everyone who wants to participate to watch it all at the same time. IT WILL BE LIKE WE ARE ACTUALLY IN A THEATER WATCHING SIDE BY SIDE. Well not really, but whatever. So yea, let me know in the comments if you are interested.