Anime Movie Friday #1: Evangelion 2.0

Hey, it’s the first Anime Movie Friday show! AMF’s host, Lerxst, and co-hosts Vensito and myself, DavetheZombie, along with guest, Richard, discuss our thoughts and impressions on Evangelion 2.0: You can (not) advance, this week.

Download the show here: Anime Movie Friday #1: Evangelion 2.0

Anime Movie Friday #1: The Cute Girl and Giant Mech Edition

So now that I am back it is time to start up Anime Movie Friday!!!! So starting this Friday we will kick off Anime Movie Friday strong with this:

Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

So if things haven’t changed since I was last online, Dave and I decided to do a podcast after each movie with everyone who watched the movie on AMF to give their impressions of the movie and such. So if anyone is interested in watching Evangelion 2.0 on Friday, comment here letting me know. We may even try to set up a Skype call and have everyone who wants to participate to watch it all at the same time. IT WILL BE LIKE WE ARE ACTUALLY IN A THEATER WATCHING SIDE BY SIDE. Well not really, but whatever. So yea, let me know in the comments if you are interested.