Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 2 – I like big tits, and I cannot lie

I’m starting to take a vast interest in the characters of Sukitte. I’m starting to see personalities in characters that I wouldn’t expect in a shoujo romance. Take this guy for example, Kenji. He is the Andy W. Hol of Sukitte. But instead of having a diehard love for holes (no not those holes you perverts), his focus of attention is on them big titties. Anyone who watches enough anime will come to see that this is not an uncommon occurrence. But it is a bit of an uncommon occurrence when dealing with shoujo romances and the like. I would find this sort of situation to be a bit off putting if it hadn’t been handled properly the way that Sukitte has. Plus Kenji ends up with the apple of his eye within the first two episodes. Thank god they aren’t the main couple or this may end up like Bokura ga Ita.

Actually this would make him less like Andy W. Hol. Because being Andy is suffering.

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