Afterlife After Hours Episode 5: The Storytelling Show

Warning: Slightly spoilerish Code Geass spoilers included

Anime After Hours hosts, DavetheZombie is joined with host, Gabe, to discuss the elements of storytelling, including plot, themes, and the opening of a show.I know I might get some hate mail for this, but that’s fine. No disrespect to the Shinbou-fanatics, just one guy expressing his opinions.

Download here: Afterlife After Hours Episode 5: The Storytelling Show

Listen here:

Gabe’s Wet Dream

Ladies and Gentlemen….

This is a daily conversation between Vensito and Gabe
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Anime Movie Friday #5: The “Gabe Does Not Approve” Edition

So its that time again where you pop some popcorn, grab a soda and sit down and watch a movie for ANIME MOVIE FRIDAY!!!!! So this coming week we will be watching, as much as Gabe hates it, this movie:

The Clannad Movie

So Dave really wanted to watch the Clannad movie even though Gabe highly disapproves. But I guess its better to get it over with soon than to do it later on down the road. So if you are interested in being on the show and discussing the Clannad Movie with Dave, Vensito, Gabe and myself, leave a comment  letting us know.

Happy Birthday to Gabe!

It is May 16th. Which means, today is the day, our host and writer, Gabe was released into the outside world, as he was pushed out from a sticky, sticky, womb. When he was pushed out, the doctors found that he had a volume of Negima in one hand, and a picture of Akiyuki Shinbo in the other. From that day when he was exposed to anime and manga, the rest became history… Now our little boy has aged 16 today, still watching anime to this very day.

So now here’s images of some of your favorite stuff compiled into one post!

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