Read this Shit Now – Sept 21st

This is King’s manga of the week thingy where you should read what King tells you too because King is all about dat manga and stuff.

King reserves the rights to post King’s weekly manga thingy whenever the fuck King feels like during the week. King doesn’t believe in set dates.

Let’s start shall we?

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Everyone’s Shiki

Warning: This post contains explicit spoilers to Shiki.

Shiki at its best is a thrilling mystery about a small village cursed with the presence of beings risen from the dead known as Okiagari (or Shiki). A summer 2010 anime produced by a studio, Daume, that, being far less known than other studios, presented to us a gem that we as a fanbase have seldom seen. Shiki’s use of mystery and horror with a dramatic story give us a fantastic show that bears one of the darkest themes an anime can have.

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