The Art of Fanart; hiroyuki’s Acting on Instinct


Danbooru Link
Artist’s official site (Japanese)

Acting on Instinct
Acting on Instinct 2
Acting on Instinct 3
Acting on Instinct 4
Acting on Instinct 5
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The Art of Fanart: kandanchi’s SHnY – Dousei


See the SHnY – Dousei Comic pool on Danbooru
Danbooru link
Pixiv account

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The Art of Fanart; Randoms; Rhythm Heaven touhou

I’ll admit, this doesn’t have anything to do with anime, but hey, its from japan.   But man, the Touhou fandom has created much wierd stuff.  This really isn’t that wierd but meh, its fun.

To those who have played Rhythm Heaven on the ds, you may get a kick out of these videos.  Each video contains a remix of a Rhythm Heaven song, with touhou characters and themes added as well.

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A completely relevant post

As you all know, Clannad is the best anime ever. Unfortunately, its source material is only available on Japanese locale technology. But recent events have brought my eyes to the silver lining. The Clannad visual novel is being ported to the Playstation Network Store for digital download.

Whether or not this will be only available in Japan is still unknown.  I’m desperate for this game to be released in the US, fully translated. America needs this. It needs it. Badly. American television, movies, and video games are so insipid, and this can change it all.

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Japanese Source