Makin’ Space Udon with Dave!

Hey small small audience of ours! I’d like to take a break from all those Lerxst-hates-anime posts and post something anime-related to probably the only show worth giving a shit about nowadays: Space Bros (See? I’m just like all those kooky elitist anime bloggers, liking only one show a season!). In one of the recent episodes, one of the groups of in-training astronauts must resort to making udon as their food supply has ran out by hungry hungry hippo Serika. For about 5 minutes or so, this anime showed me just how easy it was to make udon. Challenge accepted! All it really takes is just some flour, water, and some salt. No big deal, right? So I have tried making udon myself and took some pictures as I made it below. Let’s see how I do.

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