The Art of Fanart; Rifyu’s Madoka Magica

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madoka magica comic number 1

You remember that moving scene where Sayaka convinces herself what she wants to wish for? Ya…this isn’t like that

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Manga of the Week: I am a Hero

“I don’t have to be the hero, but at least let me be the main character of my own life.” – Hideo

What lengths will you go to be a hero? Hideo Suzuki is determined to be one. In a world that’s slowly crumbling to pieces, he will become the hero it deserves… or needs… or deserves to need. This week, we have “I am a Hero.”

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Manga of the Week: Can’t See, Can’t Hear But Love

So I know that this isn’t manga. It’s a manhwa which means instead of being made in Japan, it was made in Korea. Nevertheless, I feel prompted to share this one with the rest of you. Usually, I’m not into manhwas or webtoons. The structure of the pages never really appealed to me, nor (from what I’m see) the content of most manhwas. However, this one is different. This one’s special. This is called Can’t See, Can’t Hear But Love.

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Manga of the Week: Life is Money

You know, I do feel kinda bad having nothing else to post other than these weekly things. But hey, better than nothing, right? This week I bring to you: Life is Money

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Manga of the Week: Denpa Kyoushi

So I thought this would make a nice new weekly segment for the blog site, seeing as I haven’t posted anything in awhile. From this week on, I’ll be posting Anime or Manga of the Week, to suggest some show or reading material people might be interested in. I know Ven and King were interested in doing something like this but seeing as they post once a century, I’ll be taking on this segment myself.  Also, I hope I can shed some spotlight on shows or manga that I personally don’t think get as much attention as they should. These weekly posts would likely come at any day within the week, as I’ve yet to establish a proper schedule for this segment. Without further adieu, I shall start this weekly segment off with one of the newcomer mangas, Denpa Kyoushi.

What it’s about: A genius otaku, Kagami Junichirou, obsesses more on anime and idols than physics, despite his incredibly high IQ. He takes up a job teaching at a high school, but his teaching tactics are quite odd. All the while he “teaches”, he assists his students with their own personal issues.

What it sounds like: Think if Great Teacher Onizuka and The World God Only Knows had a baby. This is that baby.

Why you should read it: Denpa Kyoushi boasts great characters and quirky dialogue that livens the scene as Kagami often acts as one of the oddest teachers you’ll see in a manga. One of his assignments involves the whole class playing an online game as a means of self introduction. Nevertheless, Kagami proves he’s a nice guy time and time again as he’s constantly pulling through for his students to help them with their needs.

How the hell this guy is in a teaching position, I will never know, but dammit I wish I was his student. At 15 chapters translated so far, it’d be quite quick to catch up to where it’s at now. If you like a new pace of comedy, I recommend giving Denpa at least a try.

This manga also tends to update rather quickly compared to most (once every two weeks, I suppose?), so you’ll never feel barren for weeks just waiting for the next chapter to come out. This is also Takeshi Azuma’s second serialization in a shounen magazine. His first being Super Dreadnought Girl 4946. I hope to see many more great things from this mangaka as I’m finding Denpa Kyoushi wildly entertaining.

Anime/Manga Question of the Week #3

That’s right everyone, this shit still exists. It has been one incredibly busy semester and I have put some things on the back burner for the time being, just like that my AMF show that kinda sorta still exists, somewhat. But fear not, for I am here to give you another Question of the Week. This week’s question won’t be as creative as the last two (actually none of them have been creative) because I kind of just thought this up at the last minute just so I could get this back up and running and actually make a post on the site for once. So this week’s question is:

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Read this Shit Now – Sept 21st

This is King’s manga of the week thingy where you should read what King tells you too because King is all about dat manga and stuff.

King reserves the rights to post King’s weekly manga thingy whenever the fuck King feels like during the week. King doesn’t believe in set dates.

Let’s start shall we?

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