Music Video Monday #49: Meri Kurisumasu Edition

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone’s having an excellent winter break so far. In spite of the holidays, I decided to post ‘Jin Jin Jingle Bell’ by Sasaki Nozomi, instead of something anime related. You probably might recognize Sasaki from her song in Beelzebub, Papepipupo. Anyhow, I wish everyone had a very great Meri Kurisumasu, and will have a Happy New Year as well.

Music Video Monday #45: Papepipupo Edition

So I know Halloween is almost over, but I’ll post a music video anyway that’s in no way related to Halloween. Here’s ‘Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪’ by Sasaki Nozomi, or better known as the 4th ed to Beelzebub. Why on Halloween? Why the fuck not. Because it’s too damn catchy. That’s why. Because that’s how we do things here at AAP. Damn straight. For real. Motherfucka’.