Music Video Monday #30: RPG Edition

This week I chose, RPG, by band, school food punishment, or better known as the ED to C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. This PV is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen this season, not to mention I like the music a lot. On a side note, C has a few episodes left! This season sure went by fast!

Also I see Gabe’s trying to step me up by trying to take over my Mondays with his own music videos. This means war. War, I tell you!

Censorship or Enough with the Bullsh*t

Censorship has been around for ages since the dawn of anime. Even as far back as Astro Boy, there were censors for graphic images or content that was too much for the public audience, much like the early cartoons of Donald Duck, that held racial undertones against the Axis powers during WW2. But throughout the years of censorship, it’s changed little by little, sometimes making clever use of its censors., other times just plain obnoxious and interfere with seeing whatever is being shown on screen. There would be clever censors every now and then, with examples such as using steamy fog to cover up a naked woman exiting a bathhouse or using an object appropriately placed in the right area, right in front of a pair of breasts, or a penis. However, as of recently, it has reached a point where the times it is used, it censors a rather significant amount of content, and watching that heavily censored scene can feel pointless.

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