Music Video Monday #43: Zero Gravity Edition

This week I chose ‘Gravity 0’ by Aqua Timez, or better known as Star Driver’s first op. So Star Driver is one of those shows where I think the opening’s absolutely great, but I still dislike the show itself. The music in SD is pretty damn awesome, but goddamn, nothing makes shit for sense in that show. Still, it had very nice action sequences for mecha against mecha fights, I suppose.

Music Video Monday #35: Furi Curi Edition

Finally back from Comic Con! I’m pretty exhausted with all the walking I did on the expo hall. Anyhow, here’s this week’s music video, ‘Ride on Shooting Star’ by the Pillows, or better known as the ED to FLCL. Did I mention how awesome the Pillows are? Many of their songs on the FLCL OST is fan-fucking-tastic and sounds great for anyone big on jrock music. I recommend listening to the whole soundtrack, if you can. It’s just boss.