Summer 2012 Anime Chart 1.0

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So the first version of the summer 2012 chart for anime is now already released, and well… I honestly can’t say I’m excited about the things about it. I don’t mean to dismiss everything that’s on that list, but with sequels from shows that I’ve never particularly cared about it, certainly doesn’t make it look great. But hey, there’s that 2nd season of Moyashimon that’s suppose to come out. Maybe I’ll pick up the first season before the spring season is over.

A Closer look at Steins;Gate or How I am Mad Scientist, it’s so cool

This article contains heavy spoilers to the show, Steins;Gate, so be forewarned when you read this article.

Now let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed Steins;Gate. Probably is one of my favorite shows of the year so far. I feel almost obligated to say this as I find it’s extremely exhausting/frustrating/obnoxious to see fanboys flip their shit over criticism on their favorite shows. I’ve read and written enough articles to know this. Without further adieu, I feel prompted to address some issues I’ve noticed with Steins;Gate. Don’t get me wrong though. S;G had great writing, well thought out and interesting characters, more notable than some of the ones in other popular shows released earlier this year. But with a series like Steins;Gate, there’s some risky business with its ideas.

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Anime Afterlife Podcast: Summer 2011 Impressions

Anime Afterlife Podcast hosts, DavetheZombie, Vensito, Gabe, and Lerxst, are joined with blog writers, Richard, and Zekana, along with guest, Aeroblip, to discuss their impressions on the summer 2011 animes. As for the main show and Top 5, they’re well on their way to being edited soon. I should forewarn our audience that the audio quality in the Top 5 isn’t.. superb, but we did our best to fix it. Apologies to our In the meantime, here’s AAP and friends’ impressions on the summer 2011 animes.

Download here: Anime Afterlife Podcast: Summer 2011 Impressions

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Summer 2011 Anime: Who’s Watching What

We knew it was coming. And it’s almost here. Let’s all look forward to what Summer 2011 has to offer us!


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Summer 2011 Chart

If you haven’t already seen it (on the many blogs posting it), here it is.

Nelson Summer 2011 Anime Chart

Nelson's Summer 2011 Anime Chart

And so, here are the anime we will be watching, and who will be watching them.

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Everyone’s Shiki

Warning: This post contains explicit spoilers to Shiki.

Shiki at its best is a thrilling mystery about a small village cursed with the presence of beings risen from the dead known as Okiagari (or Shiki). A summer 2010 anime produced by a studio, Daume, that, being far less known than other studios, presented to us a gem that we as a fanbase have seldom seen. Shiki’s use of mystery and horror with a dramatic story give us a fantastic show that bears one of the darkest themes an anime can have.

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