Music Video Monday #50: Go to DMC Edition

It might be odd to end something as we start off the new year, but I think it’s best to lay these music video mondays to rest. Why? Because A) I’m running out of music videos to post and B) I just don’t think they’re that much of importance to post anymore, nor does anyone seem to care about em. I’ll probably come up with some other weekly segment to replace this one too. Anyhow, this (probably) last music video is ‘ Amai Koibito’ by Daisuke Kishio, or better known as the ED to Detroit Metal City. I know I’m in the minority when I say I enjoy this sappy song over the hardcore metal songs of DMC, but fuck it, it’s so damn catchy.

Music Video Monday #32: The Idiots Return Edition

Hey guys, finally back from AX. Took some pictures and bought some nice goodies which I’ll show on another day. In the meantime, it’s time for another Music Video Monday with ‘Renai Koujou Committee’ by Natsuko Asou, or better known as the op to the OVA of Baka to test to Shoukanjuu. I like how the animators took the time and effort to make an opening for the OVA from scratch, rather than using the old opening from main series. Now that’s commitment. Decided to post this music video in spite of the return of Baka to test, with a new second season releasing this week! I’m very excited to see one of my favorite comedies returning so soon.

Music Video Monday #26: Hacking Gates Edition

So this week I chose “Hacking to the Gate”, by Itou Kanako, or better known as the opening to this season’s show, Steins;Gate. Is it me or are the music videos getting weirder each time? Anyhow, I actually enjoy the OP to Steins;Gate, though I’m on the fence on the show itself. Hopefully, it won’t end up being another Chaos;Head… Hopefully.