Anime Movie Friday #13: Tokyo Godfathers


AMF is back with your favorite hosts, Lerxst, DavetheZombie, Vensito, along with blog writers, Zekana and Richard, to discuss their thoughts on the movie, Tokyo Godfathers.

Download here: Anime Movie Friday #13: Tokyo Godfathers

Listen here:

Anime Movie Friday #13: The Homeless Edition

I would like to apologize right now for not putting up a post for episode 12 for Redline. I had a busy week last week what with me starting up class again and completely forgot to put one up. We just got done recording the Redline podcast and it should be up within the week. Hopefully the quality is ok because we were having a few technical difficulties. But anyways the movie we will be doing for episode 13 will be:

Tokyo Godfathers

I really don’t know much about this movie, but it is done by Madhouse, and I do love Madhouse, so I am looking forward to watching this movie. If you are interested in being a part of episode 13 of Anime Movie Friday and watching Tokyo Godfathers, get in contact with either Dave or myself or leave a comment here.