Growing Up with Anime

The more I watch anime, the more I change as a person. The older I get, the more ways I view different aspects in anime. Certain themes and subjects have grown weary and tiresome nowadays as they all seem to blend together into the gray area of love and friendship. High school romances and dramas have long been an exhausted trend. The more they pop up, the less meaning each one holds after the one before. Nowadays I look forward to the themes and characters that I can relate to. The themes and ideals that apply to me as a person.

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Music Video Monday #41: Ghost Edition

This week I chose ‘Grow up’ by Hysteric Blue, or better known as the OP to Ghost Stories. For anyhow who doesn’t know, Ghost stories has one of the finest english dubs ever to grace anime. Seriously. Check it out while you can. In the meantime, here’s the catchy opening accompany the series.