And the categories are…

Hey guys, we’re getting close to the day of the recording of our End of The Year Show (likely tomorrow) for 2011. We decided to change a few categories up from last year, taking out some of the unnecessary ones. Anyhow, it should be a fun show, so look forward to listening to it. Unfortunately, we’re not accepting guests this year as we already have a full house this time. Still, we encourage people to share their choices in the comments below!

Our categories are:

1. Best OP
2. Best ED
3. Best Soundtrack/Music
4. Best Male Character
5. Best Female Character
6. Worst Character
7. Best Seiyuu
8. Best Art-style
9. Most Original Show
10. Best Season
11. Best Surprise
12. Biggest Disappointment
13. Most Improved
14. Most Overrated
15. Most Underrated
16. Guilty Pleasure
17. Worst Series
18. Best OVA/Movie
19. Best Comedy
20. Best Drama
21. Best Action
22. Best Slice of Life
23. Best Overall Series
24. Best Anime from Another Year
25. Most Anticipated Series

I also feel so sick these days too. Coughing and sneezing up so much mucus makes me look like this: